Elvis Presley’s Memorabilia Fetches 400,00 in Memphis
LONDON (GaeaTimes.com) -- Even after 33 years of his death, 'The King of Pop' Elvis Presley's memorabilia is selling at an astonishing price of 400,00 in Memphis.

NEW YORK - Whitney Houston says her daughter's support helped fuel her as she geared up for her comeback record.

NEW DELHI - Celebrity contestants on television reality show Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao have walked out of the show after being made to perform dangerous tasks in Malaysia's dense jungles.

WASHINGTON - Late King of Pop Michael Jackson had reportedly fired his financial adviser just months before his death.

WASHINGTON - Rupert Everett reportedly thinks it is good Michael Jackson passed away when he did because the King of Pop may not have been able to cope up with his hectic comeback tour in London.
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