LONDON - British tabloids expressed outrage Thursday over a new documentary-style film that imagines what would happen if Prince Harry was taken hostage by the Taliban.

Six-year-old Steve Nash woke up every morning eager to turn on the TV to see where Terry was.

NEW YORK - Yes, MTV's got a ratings bonanza on its hands with "Jersey Shore," but the network is also trying to add substance to its lineup with shows like "The Buried Life," ''If You Really Knew Me" and now "World of Jenks." "World of Jenks" follows Andrew Jenks, a 24-year-old documentary filmmaker who lives with young people for about a week to experience what their lives are like.

TORONTO - Bruce Springsteen figures his first three albums, including the classic "Born to Run," were a prequel to the rest of his career.

TORONTO - "Slumdog Millionaire" director Danny Boyle has delivered another grim crowd-pleaser to film festival crowds.
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