Mika is a big fan of online dating

Thursday, February 17, 2011

MELBOURNE - British pop star Mika has admitted that Internet gives him the courage to approach potential partners.

The singer is a big fan of online dating, and says “anyone with an Internet connection does it in some way.”

“Let’s face it, anyone with an Internet connection does it in some way. Even if you meet someone for the first time in the flesh, if you’re interested you go online and see what you can dig up,” the Daily Telegraph quoted the singer as saying in a column for La Repubblica.

“We find ourselves piecing together their life, from holiday snaps with drunk friends, to whether they have children or if the pictures of them alone seem too egocentric or staged. At the end of all the online digging you might as well had met online. Perhaps there really isn’t a difference any more.”

The ‘Grace Kelly’ singer also admitted the first date he organised online (via MySpace.com five years ago) was a disaster but it hasn’t kept him from logging on to look for love, according to celeb site AceShowbiz.

In his column, the pop star said the best thing about the Internet is that you can approach someone that you “would never be brave enough to” or even have time to in real life. (ANI)

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