Almost half of couples actually break up on Valentine’s Day

Monday, February 14, 2011

MELBOURNE - A survey has found that Valentine’s Day, which is touted as a day of love, is being used by almost half of young people in Australia for breaking up.

A Galaxy Research survey of more than 1200 people aged 18-39 has found 47 percent have chosen to end it with their partner on or around Valentine’s Day after taking stock of their relationship.

Commissioned by big-four bank NAB the relationships survey found most young Australians, 57 percent, did not like the day nor did they want to celebrate it as the most romantic of the year.

Almost half - 44 percent - of respondents said Valentine’s Day was a cynical marketing exercise designed to make couples shower each other with flowers, chocolates or underwear, while one-in-four singles saw it as a day of dread and a time to feel bad about themselves.

The survey has been launched as part of a cheeky anti-Valentine’s Day campaign spear-headed by social commentator and author Zoe Foster to encourage people to evaluate their relationships, including with their banks.

Foster, who co-wrote ‘Textbook Romance’ with radio funny man Hamish Blake, said that while for some couples Valentine’s Day could be filled with happiness it was also a time when couples assess their relationship and looked at options.
Between New Year and February 14 is a time when many evaluate whether their relationships are right for them,” the Daily Telegraph quoted Foster as saying.

“Almost half of young people will actually break up with their partner around Valentine’s Day - it’s almost what you could consider ‘break-up season’,” she said.

The survey found that as many as one-in-three unmarried couples used February 14 to consider their relationship while one-in-four, 25 percent, admitted to staying in a relationship over Valentine’s Day even though the relationship had lost its spark.

“Trust, respect and honesty are all of incredible importance,” Foster said.

“So, if your partner has cheated, or you’re feeling it’s run its course, or you just don’t bring out the best in each other, perhaps it’s time to move on,” she added. (ANI)

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