‘Rangappa Hogbitnaa’ just another comic caper (Kannada Film Review)

By V.S. Rajapur, IANS
Saturday, February 12, 2011

Film: “Rangappa Hogbitnaa”; Director: Prasanna; Cast: Ramesh Arvind, Sanjjana Archana, Ravi Kiran, Sihi Kahi Chandru, Layendra and Mandeep Rai; Music director: Prasanna; Rating:*1/2

Ramesh has succeeded in many comedy films and has even been called ‘Comedy King’ by fans. But repetitive attempts have somehow diluted the impact his comedy has on audiences. “Rangappa Hogbitnaa” is another in the list of his comedy capers but this one isn’t as good as the earlier ones.

“Rangappa Hogbittna” introduces Kannada film industry’s well-known writer Prasanna as a director. Prasanna has written a script that looks unconventional but ends up following the usual pattern of comedy films.

Prasanna’s lyrics and music composition may impress but the background score spoils the mood of the film.

However, Prasanna has tried to incorporate a few laughs into the film with his intelligent writing and deft handling of some important sequences.

A few years ago, well-known director K. Balachandar had directed a Tamil tele-serial about the confusions in a house where death is awaiting the family head. Though Prasanna has taken this concept, all the situations in the film has been written afresh.

In the film, Ramesh’s father Rangappa is lying in bed and doctors have advised him to inform all relatives, indicating that the elderly man is just days away from imminent death.

Rangappa is the president of the local laughing club and has advised his son that there should be no display of sorrow after his death. His laughing club friends arrive in his house to continue with their laughing exercises, while a whole lot of relatives also join in with their own motives to exploit the situation, adding to the chaos in the house.

Then there is a sudden twist in the tale. A woman enters the scene and secretly tells Ramesh that she is Rangappa’s lover.

But later it turns out that the woman, dressed in a sari, belongs to the third gender and starts blackmailing Ramesh to dole out money for her/him to walk away from the scene.

Ramesh Arvind as usual has given his best, but it is glamorous Sanjjana who impresses in the role of a housewife.

Veteran actors Sihi Kahi Chandru, Mandeep Rai and Layendra impress in their respective roles.

“Rangappa Hogbitnaa” is a good one-time watch.

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