Drunken Aguilera allegedly crashed into Renner’s bed

Thursday, January 20, 2011

WASHINGTON - Singer Christina Aguilera reportedly made herself at home in Jeremy Renner’s bed after she got wasted at a party for his 40th birthday, which she had not been invited to.

Aguilera, 30, and her boyfriend Matthew Rutler are said to have made themselves at home in ‘The Hurt Locker’ star’s bedroom, and Renner is said to have not been amused.

According to a report in the new issue of Us Weekly, a week after his birthday party, Renner ranted to friends about the ‘Burlesque’ star’s behaviour.

“Someone comes and tells me she’s in my room,” Fox News quoted Renner as telling friends at In Style’s Golden Globe party on January 16. I run up and open the door and I’m like, ‘Um, hi. What are you doing?’ She just starts slurring. Her boyfriend was rubbing her back.

“Who comes to someone’s birthday party that they don’t know and gets in their bed?! My parents were there!” he is said to have stated.

Another source added: “Christina was a mess at that party. She acted like a fool. Her boyfriend was shushing her and telling her to go to sleep.”

But Renner’s rep said that Aguilera was in deed at the party and “enjoying herself, but she wasn’t in his bed”. (ANI)

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