Alex Reid ‘begging’ Jordan to give their marriage another chance

Saturday, January 15, 2011

LONDON - Alex Reid has refused to sign legal papers confirming his marriage to Katie Price a.k.a Jordan has come to an end.

Days ago, the couple sat down with a lawyer at her mansion to draw up a statement announcing their split after just 11 months.

However, Alex, 35, broke down in tears when asked to sign the documents and “begged” the former glamour girl to let him remind her why they first fell in love.

Katie, 32 - also known as Jordan - refused, leaving them estranged under the same roof in Surrey.

“The situation is verging on the ridiculous. Everything was agreed on the wording of the statement and the separation at the weekend. It was simple enough. A few lines saying the marriage hadn’t worked out, they wished each other well and they wouldn’t be saying anything further,” the Sun quoted a source as saying.

“Katie signed the papers but, when it came to Alex, he broke down and cried. He wouldn’t do it. He was livid about the Amir Khan business, but wanted to prove he was the bigger man. He still thinks, given time, he could remind her why they fell in love in the first place. He’s a broken man - he can’t believe it hasn’t worked out,” the source added. (ANI)

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