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Saturday, December 18, 2010

WASHINGTON - Databazaar Media Ventures (DMV), a leading provider of Indian content in North America, has launched a media channel on the Roku platform, a leading internet streaming television device.

The Databazaar Media channel is a subscription channel that will carry a rapidly growing selection of the finest Indian movies, television shows and events in six Indian languages including Hindi and English, DMV announced Friday.

The Databazaar Media channel is the first Indian content channel on the IPTV platforms of the future and brings a tremendous opportunity for Indian content owners to reach the huge and rapidly growing Indian audience in North America.

Roku with a subscriber base of 1.2 million in North America now becomes the first to feature a full Indian content channel that serves a major ethnic market in North America.

Databazaar Media which is the media and entertainment offshoot of major internet retailer, has been working over the last few years to bring its deep experience in technology and ecommerce to the distribution of Indian content in North America.

“We strongly believe that exhibition platforms of the future will be a convergence of internet technology, media and audience behavior,” said Oney Seal, Founder & CEO of the Databazaar Group.

“With the launch of the Databazaar Media channel, we are able to provide a next-generation platform for Indian content to a significant demographic segment.”

Roku players already offer a wide range of entertainment options with more than 100 channels currently available to choose from. Starting at just $59.99, the family of Roku players are affordable and easy to set up and use.

The addition of Databazaar expands the breadth of content that is now readily available for viewing in high definition on the TV as well as expanding the customer reach of the Roku family of products.

“Databazaar gives Roku customers access to quality Indian movies, TV shows and events in the widest array of languages further enhancing the overall Roku experience,” said Jim Funk, Vice President of Business Development for Roku, Inc.

“The introduction of Databazaar will allow us to continue to address the content demands from our own customer base, while expanding our product’s reach to the millions of expatriates currently residing in the US.”

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