‘Black and white’ Pattinson poses sexily with baggy sweats pulled ‘provocatively low’

Robert-pattinsonWASHINGTON - Sexy vampire Robert Pattinson set the pulse racing as he posed for a black and white photo with his baggy sweats pulled provocatively low. The 23-year-old heartthrob gave the sexy pose in a photo shoot for Interview magazine, reports People magazine. Pattinson has attracted a huge female fan following after his vampire role in ‘Twilight’.

Pete Wentz wants son to get his mum’s looks

WASHINGTON - Pete Wentz wants his six-month old son to inherit his looks from his stunning mother Ashlee Simpson.

Brad Pitt doesn’t have time to shower, says Eli Roth

WASHINGTON - Brad Pitt told his ‘Inglourious Basterds’ co-star Eli Roth that he doesn’t have time to take a shower.

Kate Hudson and A-Rod heat up their romance

WASHINGTON - Rumours of a romance between Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez have been further fuelled, with a source claiming that they are certainly dating.

The science behind making best friends revealed

WASHINGTON - When you say that someone is your best friend, you most likely believe that that other person also considers you to be his/her best pal, according to a new study.

Roger Moore demands end to sexual exploitation of children

WASHINGTON - Former 007 Roger Moore has urged officials around the world to protect children from sexual exploitation by pursuing paedophiles across the borders.

When Winona Ryder mistook Tim Burton for a crewmember

WASHINGTON - Winona Ryder would always remember her first meeting with Tim Burton, for the actress mistook the filmmaker for a crewmember.

Obama a perfect guest for a French president who loves America and craves the limelight

PARIS — President Nicolas Sarkozy is a big fan of the United States and makes no secret of his craving for the limelight. Enter Barack Obama, the perfect guest.

Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon fed up with gossips about new houses

WASHINGTON - Mariah Carey and her hubby Nick Cannon are apparently tired of the endless speculation surrounding their house hunt in Los Angeles.

Pete Wentz’s bar closed after claims of alcohol being served to minors

WASHINGTON - Fall Out Boy star Pete Wentz’s New York bar has been temporarily shut down after allegations surfaced that the staff served alcohol to minors.

Peter Andre claims he never cheated on Jordan (that means she did, DUH, who had a doubt?)

katie-andre-WASHINGTON - Peter Andre has claimed that he has never cheated on his wife Katie Price, and that there are “good reasons” behind him walking out on her. The singer insisted that he was not seeing other women, and branded all such reports as “lies”. Andre announced his separation from Katie, also known as Jordan, last month. “I can confirm that the story saying I’ve grown close to three other women was total lies! Apparently, I’ve got one woman out in Cyprus, another in Los Angeles and I’m even supposed to be involved with a member of staff,” Contactmusic quoted him as telling Britain’s New! Magazine.

Eminem participated in Cohen’s naked stunt after Paris’ refusal

WASHINGTON - Paris Hilton had refused to participate in Sacha Baron Cohen’s naked stunt at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, and thus Eminem took part in it.

David Duchovny, Tea Leoni to remarry!

David Duchovny and Tea LeoniWASHINGTON - Actor David Duchovny and Tea Leoni are set to renew their wedding vows, it has emerged. The couple had ended their 11-year marriage in October last year after Duchovny entered rehab to treat sex addiction. However, according to the Daily Express, Duchovny and Leoni have worked through their problems and reunited. They now plan on sealing their love with a second marriage ceremony.

Kelly Rutherford wants to see through her pregnancy with green vegetables

rutherfordWASHINGTON - Kelly Rutherford craves green vegetables during pregnancy. The Gossip Girl star, who’s expecting her second child, races to market to buy kale and chard. “I crave a lot of greens when I’m pregnant,” People magazine quoted Rutherford as saying. “I love kale and chard, so I’ll steam that and then I’ll make an organic turkey burger,” she added. The actress, who is currently getting divorced from husband Daniel Giersch, says that her second pregnancy feels more relaxed.

Heather Mills ‘Tweets’ thanks to teen boys for rescuing her during supermarket fall

WASHINGTON - Model and charity campaigner Heather Mills has thanked two teenaged boys who rescued her when she tumbled over in a supermarket during an accident, and her false leg got detached, through a message on her Twitter page.

Johnny Depp names beach on his private island after Heath Ledger

Johnny Depp, Heath ledgerWASHINGTON - Johnny Depp has named a beach on his 45-acre private Bahamian island after late Heath Ledger. The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star has shown off his island, Little Hall’s Pond Cay, which he calls his “decompression”, in July’s Vanity Fair. “It’s my way of trying to return to normalcy. Escapism is survival to me,” Us magazine quoted Depp as saying.

Taylor Swift’s dad enjoys embarrassing her

WASHINGTON - Country-pop singer Taylor Swift has a great relationship with her dad, but she has revealed that there are times when he can make her go red in the face with embarrassment.

Britney Spears dating agent Jason Trawick? Who else is left

britney spears, jason trawickWASHINGTON - Britney Spears has fuelled speculations that she’s dating her agent Jason Trawick after the pair was recently spotted spending some quality time together.According to celebrity photography site x17online.com, the ‘Womaniser’ hit-maker was pictured with Trawick at Starbucks, while ex-hubby Kevin Federline was waiting at her house to pick up their kids on May 30.

De Niro stole “You talkin’ to me?” line from Springsteen

robert_deniroWASHINGTON - Robert De Niro has confessed that his famous line “You talkin’ to me?” in Taxi Driver movie was stolen from rock legend Bruce Springsteen. De Niro’s character recites the line to himself in the 1976 Martin Scorsese movie. Following the success of the movie, the line also created a huge buzz and become one of the most famous movie quotes of all time, reports Contactmusic.

Enough is enough said Christie Brinkley after getting divorced for the fourth time!

christie_brinkleyWASHINGTON - Although it has been a year since Christie Brinkley has been divorced, she is in no mood to get married again. Brinkley, who divorced Peter Cook in July 2008 after he had an affair with his teenage assistant, has vowed that she’ll never make the same mistake again.  “I would never get married again,” Us magazine quoted the supermodel as telling Ladies’ Home Journal.

Mel Gibson’s ‘crazed rant’ in church

WASHINGTON - Devout Catholic Mel Gibson reportedly went on a “crazed rant”, and blasted churchgoers for gossiping about his private life.

Charlotte Church laughs off persistent split rumours

WASHINGTON - Charlotte Church has laughed off rumors suggesting that she’s splitting from her rugby player boyfriend Gavin Henson.

When seasick Pink tried to kill herself by jumping off a yacht

PinkWASHINGTON - Pop punk star Pink reportedly felt so seasick recently that she tried to take her own life by jumping off a yacht in the middle of an ocean. She was hoping the vessel’s captain to dock the boat at night. However, after the captain denied, the So What singer decided on throwing herself overboard. According to reports, as the singer teetered on deck with a bottle of wine in her hand, she was talked out of a suicide bid by husband Carey Hart.

Miley Cyrus to return for a fourth season of Hannah Montana

WASHINGTON - The Disney Channel has announced that Miley Cyrus is returning to ‘Hannah Montana’ for a fourth season.

‘Paris Hilton’s My New BFF’ to go Dubai

WASHINGTON - Paris Hilton will soon be seen searching for a best friend in the Middle East, for producers of ‘Paris Hilton’s My New BFF’ are now taking the show to Dubai.

Now, just zap away your wrinkles, sun spots - sans the side effects

WASHINGTON - Zap! Wrinkles and brown sun spots be gone - that’s the spirit of a new, non-surgical skin resurfacing treatment which uses a fractionated carbon dioxide laser.

Megan Fox apologises for dirty hair-look at MTV Movie Awards

WASHINGTON - ‘World’s Sexiest Woman’ Megan Fox has apologised for her dirty hair-look at the recent MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles.

Dev Patel still uses public transport to commute

WASHINGTON - Despite rising to international stardom, Slumdog Millionaire star Dev Patel prefers to live a low-key life and travels by public transport.

TV reduces speech for both infants and their adult caregivers

WASHINGTON - A new study has revealed that the use of language by young children and their adult caregivers decreases when they are watching television.

White House wants Queen Elizabeth II to attend D-Day ceremonies despite French snub

WASHINGTON — The White House wants Queen Elizabeth II at D-Day ceremonies later this week.

Wales, African-American culture, Latin music at Smithsonian Folklife Festival

WASHINGTON — Wales, Latin music and “The Power of Words in African American Culture” will be the themes of this summer’s Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

Jacko to open ‘Thriller’ casino in Las Vegas

WASHINGTON - Michael Jackson is reportedly planning to open a zombie-themed ‘Thriller’ casino in Las Vegas next year to help revive his flagging fortune.

Sacha Cohen lands up bare butt on Eminem’s lap at MTV awards, the latter leaves embarrassed, LOL!

eminem cohen prankWASHINGTON - Rapper Eminem walked out of the MTV movie awards after comedian Sacha Baron Cohen landed on his lap with his naked backside. The rapper had just performed a medley of new hits and was sitting in the audience when Cohen, playing his Austrian fashion expert character Bruno, flew overhead in a dove outfit, chanting, “Ich bin Bruno. Ich bin dove of peace.”

Lady Gaga invites Jonas Brothers to have sex together, foursome! WTF

lady gaga sexWASHINGTON - Lady Gaga has said that she wants to have a foursome with the Jonas Brothers, that too despite their no sex before marriage beliefs. The ‘Poker Face’ singer has said that she wants to invite the trio - siblings Kevin, 21, Joe, 19 and Nick, 16, into her bed for a night of passion. “I love the Jonas Brothers, they’re very talented. I met them once. I’d like to have a foursome with them,” Contactmusic quoted her as telling Britain’s Daily Star newspaper.

Ryan Reynolds proposed Scarlett Johansson by text message

scarlett-johansson-and-ryan-reynoldsWASHINGTON - Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds has revealed that he asked Scarlett Johansson to be his wife in a text message. The ‘Proposal’ star, who tied the knot with the actress in a secret ceremony last September, admitted that he struggled to find the words to propose Johansson.”The hardest part was to compress all of that love, all of that joy into just one text message. And then it was just hitting send,” Contactmusic quoted Reynolds as saying.


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