NEW DELHI - All prospective grooms, line up! Indian television's popular daughter-in-law Ratan Rajput, who played the dutiful Laali in "Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo", is expected to conduct her 'swayamvar' on the third season of Imagine TV's "Swayamvar".
MUMBAI - From suggestions to ban such TV shows completely to wondering how much of adult content can be curbed, television and film celebrities say ultimately the decision whether to watch reality shows like "Bigg Boss" and "Rakhi Ka Insaaf", which the government wants shifted to the late night slot, should lie with the people.
NEW DELHI - Imagine TV Thursday announced shifting the telecast time of Rakhi Ka Insaaf, hosted by item girl Rakhi Sawant, to the 11 p.m. slot, after being advised by the information and broadcasting ministry.
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