National Anthem

Christina Aguilera’s National Anthem Goof Up Defended By Fergie
LOS ANGELES ( On Sunday, singer Christina Aguilera made one of the biggest mistakes of her life by singing the wrong lyrics of national anthem on Super Bowl XLV.
Christina Aguilera National Anthem Super Bowl Video Creates Buzz
ARLINGTON ( On Sunday, during the grand opening ceremony of Super Bowl XLV gorgeous actress cum singer Christina Aguilera surprised 100 million viewers by mangling the words of the national anthem.

LONDON - Christina Aguilera had to apologise after mixing up the words to the National Anthem during the Super Bowl.

MELBOURNE - Pop star Christina Aguilera botched up the US national anthem at the start of the Super Bowl.
“New Hollow” On The Front
OHIO ( For all you music lovers there is some piece of great news.
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