Lawyer for the family of Michael Jackson says will has surfaced and will be presented in court

LOS ANGELES — A will for Michael Jackson has surfaced and is expected in court soon, a lawyer for the family said Tuesday, countering their previous claim that he died without such a document. “My clients are now aware after filings that a will has been presented,” said L. Londell McMillan. “His various advisers over time are looking for additional documents.”

Iowa State Fair to honor Michael Jackson with butter statue of the pop icon

DES MOINES, Iowa — Michael Jackson is getting a new tribute. And it’s in butter.

Jackson family: Michael Jackson had a will; filing could

LOS ANGELES — A lawyer for Michael Jackson’s family said Tuesday a will by the late pop star has been presented.

Michael Jackson’s promoter raises prospect of tribute show based on canceled concerts

LONDON — The promoter who booked Michael Jackson for a sold-out comeback tour said Tuesday that footage of the singer’s rehearsals may be released in the future, and that an all-star tribute show based on his canceled concerts is likely to take place.

County officials discussing possibility of Michael Jackson memorial at Neverland Ranch

LOS ANGELES — Santa Barbara County officials are in a meeting about Michael Jackson plans, and E! Online reports they are discussing a possible memorial service at his Neverland Ranch.

Photographer: Michael Jackson full of energy in rehearsals 2 days before his death

LONDON — Michael Jackson looked in perfect health and gave an electrifying performance two days before his death during rehearsals for his planned comeback concerts, a photographer who took pictures of the rehearsals said Tuesday.

AP Exclusive: Michael Jackson claimed net worth of $236 million in 2007

NEW YORK — Michael Jackson claimed to have a net worth of $236 million as of March 31, 2007, according to financial documents obtained by The Associated Press that shed light on the late pop star’s murky finances and prodigious borrowing.

George Clooney denies being dead!

LONDON - Hollywood superstar George Clooney has joined the latest league of Hollywood A-listers to deny their own death after online hoaxers spread rumours that he had died.

Crowds line up early in NYC for Apollo Theater’s public memorial service for Michael Jackson

NEW YORK — Thousands of Michael Jackson fans gave the late pop star a raucous yet respectful send-off during six hours of public memorial services celebrating his life and music at Harlem’s Apollo Theater.

‘Rick Astley Dead’ Rumors On The Net

Rick Astley Since the day Michael Jackson died, the internet has seen a rush of false death reports of celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Miley Cyrus, Harrison Ford, Jef Goldblum, Britney Spears and now the 1980’s British pop sensation Rick Astley.
The moment these false reports on Rick Astley’s death came up on the internet, fans from allover scrambled to find out what has actually happened. As time passed by the rumor grew strong and the fans became genuinely worried. Adding more confusion to this situation is the fact that there is even one purported press release by a news agency proclaiming Rick Astley’s death is up on the net. Obviously these reports and as well as this press release are all the creation of prankster hackers.
But now well known media organizations are carrying out reports which clearly mention that all these celebrities including Rick Astley are well and alive and these so called reports which proclaimed their death were indeed false and were only internet hoaxes.
It might be the fact that as the past week has indeed seen actual deaths of quite a few celebrities like Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and recently Bill Mays, these hackers or pranksters might have wanted to take this opportunity to create panic over the net by publishing these hoaxes which carried those false death news of the celebs. Even George Clooney, who is one of the biggest stars of Hollywood and has starred in movies like the Oceans Eleven had been declared dead by these hoax reports. But according to reports Clooney is doing fine and is alive.
So finally lets say that fans of Rick Astley, the famous British pop artiste who gave them hits like “Never Gonna Give You Up” is well and hearty and therefore they can be at peace.

PETA seeks rights to Jackson’s song to save rodents

NEW DELHI - Following the sudden death of pop legend Michael Jackson, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has asked for the rights of the singer’s solo hit “Ben” to raise awareness about rats and other rodents used in laboratory experiments.

Jacko died in his sleep, claims his personal doc

LONDON - Michael Jackson’s personal doctor has denied giving him drugs in the hours before his death, saying the icon died in his sleep.

Jane Fonda says she could never understand pal Jacko

LONDON - Although she struck up a close friendship with Michael Jackson, actress Jane Fonda insists she could never really understand the King Of Pop.

Grieving Janet Jackson gets acting career boost

LONDON - American singer Janet Jackson has received an acting career boost even as she mourns the death of her brother, King of Pop Michael Jackson., Jacko’s secret dance music album

LONDON - Rapper William J. Adams a.k.a. has in an exclusive interview revealed about the secret dance album he and late singer Michael Jackson had been working on with.

Ukraine could name village after Michael Jackson

MOSCOW - A lawmaker in eastern Ukraine has put forward a proposal to re-name a village after pop icon Michael Jackson, a media report said.

Why does Ram Gopal Varma hate Michael Jackson?

NEW DELHI - Controversial Indian filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma says he hates pop legend Michael Jackson for dying and making him realise that he was only a human being.

After intense attention, coverage of Michael Jackson’s death begins receding

NEW YORK — Media coverage of Michael Jackson’s death began receding following an extraordinary worldwide outpouring, with the shock wearing off and the pace of new developments slowing.

Diggy Simmons: Jet-Setting Life And Blog

Diggy SimmonsDiggy Simmons or rather Daniel Simmons, which is his actual name is the son of hip-hop and rap music star Joseph Simmons who again is famous as Rev Run. Diggy Simmons is a part of the Reality TV series which goes by the name Run’s House. Run’s House which shows the whole family and family life of the famous Rap star Rev Run or Joseph Simmons. Diggy being Joseph’s son, automatically gets featured on it. The show is currently into its 6th season. The sixth season started from June 15, 2009.
Due to this show the whole family has become famous but amongst them Diggy or Daniel seems to be carving a niche for himself by launching his own blog. The blog goes by the title “Life Of The Jet Setter” and has become very popular over the internet. Moreover due to this show more and more people are logging onto the blog to check out what this 14 year world has written. It’s been quite a hit with the readers.

Hindus urge Indian government to honour Jacko with postage stamp

WASHINGTON - Leading Hindus are urging the Indian government to honour Michael Jackson posthumously by issuing a postage stamp.

Jacko looked picture of health two days before death

LONDON - King of Pop Michael Jackson is said to have been in incredible form just two days before his death.

Jacko wanted to perform O2 gigs for his kids, says friend

LONDON - Michael Jackson’s friend Mark Lester has said that one of the reasons the icon had planned to perform ‘This Is It’ concerts was that he wanted his children to see him live on stage.

Johnny Depp won’t play Jacko in biopic

johnny depp, MJLONDON - Johnny Depp won’t be playing Michael Jackson if a movie about the King of Pop’s life goes into production. Depp had been rumoured to have previously expressed interest in playing the tragic star on the big-screen, reports Sky News. However, the Hollywood star dismissed those reports when he spoke at the premiere of his latest gangster movie ‘Public Enemies’ in London.

Jacko was just a normal guy who loved bargaining, says childhood pal

LONDON - Michael Jackson might have been known for his wild behaviour, but for music producer and King Of Pop’s childhood pal David Gest, he was a loyal friend who made him laugh.

Jacko ‘almost died same way in 2004′

WASHINGTON - Michael Jackson, who died of a suspected cardiac arrest in his Holmby Hills estate last Thursday, almost passed away the same way once before, according to sources.

Jacko could be put on display in a glass coffin

LONDON - The body of late Michael Jackson could be put on display in a glass coffin so that fans can bid adieu to the star before his burial.

Jackson was spending $50,000 per month on drugs: report

mjLONDON - Pop legend Michael Jackson was battling with numerous disorders and was spending 30,000 pounds ($50,000) a month on prescription drugs like narcotic pain relievers, muscle relaxants and anti-depressants before his death. The ailing Thriller star, who died last week, was said to have consumed mountains of medication as he battled numerous disorders in the year leading up to his death, reported

‘A dozen of Jacko fans commit suicide’

MELBOURNE - Nearly a dozen of Michael Jackson’s fans have reportedly committed suicide following the King Of Pop’s sudden demise.

‘Jacko’s doc couldn’t find working phone for 30 minutes while he was dying’

NEW YORK - Michael Jackson’s controversial personal doctor, Conrad Murray, tried to find working phone for 30 minutes to call 911 as the superstar lay dying in his Bel Air mansion, one of the doctor’s lawyers revealed.

‘Desperate Jacko blew £30k a month on drugs’

LONDON - Michael Jackson was splashing out 30,000-pound a month on prescription drugs, it has emerged.

Jacko ‘was a billion dollar beggar’

LONDON - When Michael Jackson died he owed at least 300million dollars - and was begging banks to lend him more moolah, it has emerged.

When Michael Jackson came to a village in Bangladesh (Feature by a filmmaker cum Journalist)

michael-jacksonIn the year 2000 I was directing a documentary on the impact of satellite television in South Asia. The skies had opened up with the ‘dish’ technology over this region and, in turn, it had opened the floodgates for a new cultural universe. Travelling across the region from the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) in Peshawar where Islamic groups had given a call to ban satellite television to the hills of Nepal where the government was fighting hard to have it’s own Nepalese channel so that Nepali children did not say that Rajiv Gandhi was their prime minister - the stories and reactions we were filming were truly revealing.

Judge grants mother Katherine Jackson limited power over Michael Jackson property

LOS ANGELES — A judge has granted Katherine Jackson limited control over some property in her son Michael Jackson’s estate after she expressed concerns about the control of his business deals and bank accounts.

Refund details announced for Michael Jackson’s 50 canceled concerts in London

LONDON — More than 750,000 Michael Jackson fans can get full refunds for the pop star’s canceled 50-night “This is It” concert extravaganza — or opt to receive souvenir tickets instead, the promoters announced Monday.

AP Exclusive: Michael Jackson wrapped clandestine ‘Dome Project’ video in final weeks

LOS ANGELES — Two weeks before he died, Michael Jackson wrapped up work on an elaborate production dubbed the “Dome Project” that could be the final finished video piece overseen by the King of Pop, The Associated Press has learned.


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