Jennifer Garner

LONDON - Actor Andrew Garfield has been roped in to star in film adaptation of bestselling novel "Back Roads" alongside actress Jennifer Garner.

WASHINGTON - Russell Brand has said that his co-star Jennifer Garner's mouth is like "red-velvet cake." Brand and Garner, who play love interests in the 2011 remake of Dudley Moore's classic, 'Arthur', have kissing scenes in the movie.

LONDON - Actor Ben Affleck and his wife Jennifer Garner were pulled over for speeding in Los Angeles.
Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner and Seraphina Jennifer Garner and her two daughters, Seraphina and Violet, play soccer at at field in Brentwood.

LONDON - Teetotal Russell Brand sniffed alcohol before shooting scenes for new movie 'Arthur' in order to get into character as the drunken millionaire playboy.
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