Anderson Cooper Attacked
CAIRO ( CNN anchor Anderson Cooper had to suffer the wrath of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's supporters in Cairo on Wednesday.
Christiane Amanpour In Cairo
CAIRO, EGYPT ( The ABC news team along with star journalist Christiane Amanpour arrived at the trouble-torn Egyptian capital of Cairo on Saturday to cover the political uproar that the Arab nation is witnessing since last week.
“Piers Morgan Tonight” Premieres
LOS ANGELES ( "Piers Morgan Tonight", yet another intense interview oriented show premiered on CNN last night.
Madonna is too ‘Boring’ for his Show says Piers Morgan
LOS ANGELES ( -- Throughout her entire career as a POP icon, Madonna has been called by various names by her co-artists, media and her fans.
Piers Morgan Takes Over Larry King On December 16
NEW YORK ( -- After being the face of CNN for a long long quarter-century span Larry King will finally step down this year.
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