Charlize Theron

MELBOURNE - A study conducted by the University of Toronto has found that actresses who win an Academy Award have either broken up with their husbands, boyfriends or lovers just months after winning.

LOS ANGELES - Actress Charlize Theron is in talks to star in Ridley Scotts new sci-fi thriller "Prometheus".

LONDON - French actress Isabelle Adjani, known for her roles in "Queen Margot" and "Possession", tops Los Angeles Times Magazine's poll of 50 most beautiful women in film.

LONDON - London, Feb 4 (ANI): Julia Roberts and Charlize Theron are vying to play the Evil Queen - who has the memorable line "Mirror, mirror, on the wall" - in separate versions of the much-loved children's tale Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs to be made next year.

WASHINGTON - 'Twilight' star Kristen Stewart is reportedly being considered to play the role of Snow White in the forthcoming film, 'Snow White and the Hunstman.' The actress leads Universal's list of young stars being considered for the princess role, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
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