Breaking Dawn

No Nudity for Kristen Stewart in ‘Breaking Dawn’
LOS ANGELES ( -- There's been enormous speculation about the love scenes between Robert Pattinson's Edward Cullen and Kristen Stewart's Bella Swan in "Breaking Dawn".
Robert Pattinson In Sexy Avtaar!
LOS ANGELES ( There is no doubt over the fact that Robert Pattinson is conceived as the sexiest on screen vampire of all times.
Christian Camargo Plays Eleazar In Next “Twilight Saga”
LOS ANGELES ( A news release from Summit Entertainment said on Thursday that Christian Camargo will star in the new sequel of the "Twilight Series", called "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn".
‘Breaking Dawn’ Movie In Pre-Production
LOS ANGELES ( Last night 'Eclipse' the third film in the Twilight franchisee got released in more than 4000 theaters in the USA alone.
‘Breaking Dawn’ In Two Parts
LOS ANGELES ( The 'Eclipse' mania has gripped the Twilight fans in the USA as the movie, the third in the Twilight Saga is getting released in the country tonight.
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