Brad Womack

Laurel Kagay Speaks About Brad Womack
LOS ANGELES ( When on hand, the viewers are anticipating that Brad Womack might find his true love on "The Bachelor" season 15, his ex-girlfriend Laurel Kagay has some other news to share.
Michelle Money Dated Carlos Boozer
LOS ANGELES ( Michelle Money, one of the most controversial and entertaining contestant of "The Bachelor" confessed one of her dark secrets to the media.
Brad Womack Returns As “The Bachelor”
LOS ANGELES ( "The Bachelor" returned on ABC with the fifteenth season, and much to the surprise of many people, Brad Womack is back in the show, after he dumped two girls in season 11, three years back.
Ricky Hendrick’s Lover Finding New Love
LOS ANGELES ( Ricky Hendrick will always be remembered as the unfortunate person, who had to leave his last breathe at the tender age of 24, when his plane got crashed in Martinsville, Virginia on Oct.
Brad Womack - DeAnne Pappas Story Recaslled
LOS ANGELES, ( The previous season of 'Bachelor', which airs on ABC brought dark days for Brad Womack.
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