Music launch of Josh

Director Shivamani’s Josh is all set to hit the theatres soon. The flick is been produced by S.V. Babu. Recently the music launch of the film was held in Bangalore in which famous distributor Pal Chandni was the honourable chief guest. Speaking on the occasion, S.V. Babu said, “It is a result of the hard work done by the entire team.  Starting from the conception to the storywriting and finally to the production, all the people connected to the film have shown exemplary dedication.  You should watch the boys in the songs and tell us how they look and act on the screen.”   - SAMPURN

Puneeth to dress up in Captain Jack Sparrows costume

Puneeth would be seen dressed up in the costume of Captain Jack Sparrow in two song sequences which he is shooting for his much-talked flick Raj – The Showman. The role of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean has given Johnny Depp a cult status and a great fan following all around the world. We still don’t know the reason that prompted the producer to recreate Captain Jack Sparrow with Puneeth. But one thing is for sure this look of Puneeth would definitely attract a lot of eyeballs and gain a good publicity for the flick. The film is set to hit the theatres on 24th of April which coincides with Rajkumar’s birthday. The film is using the most expensive camera for shooting, which costs Rs. 5 lakhs rent a day.   - SAMPURN

Audio launch of Vaamanan

Lot of celebrities landed at the music launch of Jai starrer Vaamanan which was held in Satyam Cinemas. Apart from the crew members celebs like Jeyam Ravi, Parthiban, Karthi, Anbalaya Prabahakar and Sivasakthi Pandian and K Muralidharan also turned up for the event. Jai has really gained popularity and earned a huge fan following with his performances in Chennai 600028 and Subranabiapuram. Vaamanan is being produced by V Ravindran of Dream Valley entertainment. Lakshmi Rai and debutant Priya would be seen in the lead roles. Yuvan Shankar has composed the music for the flick while Kalainyar TV has bought its satellite rights.


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