Sheen needs to be committed to treatment or ‘he may die,’ says addiction expert

Saturday, February 26, 2011

WASHINGTON - Charlie Sheen needs to be committed to a medical facility, according to an addiction expert, who said, ‘I just hope he doesn’t die.’

Beverly Hills-based addiction expert Marty Brenner, who does not treat Sheen, is scared for the actor’s life after hearing his rambling interview with radio host Alex Jones.

“He’s holed up in the Bahamas with two porn stars, drinking and using drugs and thinking that he has everything under control. I just hope he doesn’t die,” Fox News quoted Brenner as saying.

“It’s taken down bigger stars than him. There’s no way the body can last that long-your body has to give in. The body starts falling apart and deteriorating.”

Brenner believes that ‘Two and a Half Men’ star needs to be committed to a medical facility-if and when he returns from the Bahamas.

“No one has really helped Charlie. He’s never had a consistent length of time where anybody has worked with him and his underlying issues-his anger. I mean, he did rehab at home-and that doesn’t work. It’s self-sabotage,” Brenner said.

“His issues need to be addressed by true professionals-a psychiatrist, a medical team, the whole nine yards. He should be put away on a 5150 hold.”

Sheen’s only hope may be his family.

“Look at Britney Spears-when her father took conservatorship, she got her act together,” explains Brenner.

“No one has done that with Charlie. I hope his father intervenes nd that he gets the help that he needs-otherwise, he may die,” Brenner added. (ANI)

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