Dina Lohan earns cash for Lilo’s photos, blasts media for star’s troubles

Monday, February 21, 2011

NEW YORK - Dina Lohan may have earned a decent amount of money for trading Lindsay Lohan’s photographs with ABC News, but that doesn’t stop her from blaming the media for the star’s troubles.

The “concerned” mother blamed the media for Lohan’s troubles on “Good Morning America” Friday.

While she took 15,000 dollars from ABC News for interviews with “GMA” and “20/20″ with Chris Cuomo, she also received a licensing fee for family photos of Lindsay, as it disclosed in the footage.

Lohan on the other hand, had no idea of her mother’s dealings.

“Unlike our competitors, we’re upfront about it, and they just lie about it,” the New York Post quoted an ABC insider as saying.

Dina told New York Post, “I have no idea what you are talking about it. Where do you get your information? Most people are nice to me that call me on the phone.”

An ABC News rep said, “We did pay a license fee. We did pay a market-rate license fee for those images, and that was transparent to our audience.” (ANI)

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