Kardashian family earned $65m last year

Friday, February 18, 2011

WASHINGTON - The Kardashian family reportedly earned a staggering 65 million dollars last year - more than Tom Cruise, Sandra Bullock and Angelina Jolie made combined.

According to an insider at The Hollywood Reporter, the Kardashians have banked with endorsements, a reality-TV show, Twitter, paid public appearances, fragrance lines, Dash clothing stores and more.

“We’re just this big family with a lot of drama and a lot of issues, and there’s someone here for everyone to relate to,” RadarOnline.com quoted matriarch Kris Jenner as saying.

“My job was trying to take my kids’ 15 minutes and turn it into 30,” Kris said.

“My mother has just always been this ‘Let’s make water into wine’ person…She knows how to take one small talent or ability and grow it into something huge,” Khloe said of her mother.

According to the insider at THR, Kim Kardashian charges up to 25,000 dollars just to mention a brand name in one of her Twitter posts, and she charges anywhere from 100,000 dollars to 250,000 dollars for an event appearance fee.

“My fantasy is to have Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Season 26… Who knew it would be this profitable? I should have had more kids,” Jenner joked. (ANI)

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