‘Chastity Garter’ that texts cheating WAG’s husband or boyfriend!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

LONDON - This Valentine’s Day men could gift their ladylove a slightly different gift - a Chastity Garter that sends them a text message if their girlfriend or wife tries to cheat on them.

The garter monitors rising pulse rate as well as surface moisture levels on the skin and when these apparent signals of sexual stimulation occur, a text message is sent to alert the woman’s husband or boyfriend.

What’s more, the woman can’t take off the garter without an automatic text message being sent.

The team behind the idea is Edward and Lucinda Hale, who came up with the idea after infidelity threatened their own relationship.

“A few years ago our relationship nearly fell apart when Lucinda cheated with another man. She told me how much she regretted it and wished there was a way of removing the temptation by making the act of straying impossible to go through with,” the Daily Mail quoted Mr Hale as saying.

“So we set about designing a product which would help us - and more importantly help millions of other couples around the world in need of extra reassurance that their wife or girlfriend is being chaste.”

Priced between 60 pounds and 75 pounds, the product was launched on BBC TV show Dragon’s Den last year.

The Chastity Garter has two designs - Chastity Lace and Chastity Silk. (ANI)

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