Helen Mirren in awe of Kate Middleton

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

LONDON - Veteran actress Dame Helen Mirren is in awe of British royal Prince Williams’ fiancee Kate Middleton.

The actress admits that Middleton is a “very special” person to take on the challenges of becoming a British royal, reports imdb.com.

“I love where she comes from and who she is. You see them together and they’re easy with each other. They look at each other with genuine interest and love, they make each other laugh. It takes a very special person to step into that world,” said Mirren.

She also praised William’s father Charles, Prince of Wales, for working hard to bring up his two sons in a more modern way following the death of their mother Princess Diana in 1997.

She added, “I think (Middleton) had the advantage that Diana didn’t have of a monarchy that’s really moved on. And moved on through Charles, who has been an incredible father to his sons. I have a feeling that he very deliberately did not bring his own children up in the kind of upbringing he had.”

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