LA schools’ no to Oliver’s cooking show over fears of wrong portrayal

Monday, February 7, 2011

LONDON - Brit celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver has been banned from cooking another course of his reality TV show in Los Angeles schools.

Head teachers have expressed fear that he will make America look like a nation of lardies, reports the Daily Star.

The Essex chef’s filming permit was terminated by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), just days after seeing footage of his first series.

“The last series was full of conflict and drama and we’re not interested in that. We have grave concerns about how our district would be portrayed,” said spokesman Robert Alaniz.

Oliver has already filmed two weeks of his new series at the West Adams Preparatory High School in Central LA.

Furious that the programme and filming have been cut short, he said, “They fail to see me as a positive, and they fail to see the TV as an incredible way to spread the word, to inspire people, to inform parents, to see other teachers doing pioneering things.”

The first season of the show featured Oliver exposing schools in Huntington, West Virginia, for feeding pupils unhealthy and fatty grub, including pizza and chocolate for breakfast. (ANI)

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