Charlie Sheen Teeth: Are They Gold?

By Madhusmita, Gaea News Network
Saturday, February 5, 2011

LOS ANGELES ( The “Two and a Half Man” star Charlie Sheen never seems to come out of controversies in his life. The actor, who entered rehab some days ago had to replace his teeth with porcelain veneers, a reputed media outlet reported. It seems that hard partying and drug habits have spoiled the star’s teeth. Kacey Jordan, a porn-star, reportedly, told a media outlet that she had a “quick sex” with the star and during their sexual encounter; Charlie Sheen told her that he has porcelain teeth.

Kacey Jordan, reportedly, told a reputed celebrity and lifestyle media source that Charlie Sheen had to get gold teeth because most of his teeth are fallen out owing to infections. However, the porn-star said that the “Spin City” actor refused to tell her why his teeth are decaying out, excessive drug abuse could be one of the possible reasons for the condition of his teeth. The porn actress said that Charlie Sheen ordered cocaine and watched porn movies with her for hours. On the other hand, she also claimed that Charlie Sheen paid her a huge amount after having sex with her and told her that he wants her to be a part of his “porn family”.

On the other hand, though Charlie Sheen did not comment anything about his golden teeth but his representative has denied the news. However, the actor reportedly said that he would never speak about all these as long as he is alive. He also asked his fans to “believe nothing” as all these are rumors. The highest paid television actor was hospitalized last week after a drug-fueled night. The actor entered rehab just after coming out of the hospital and on Wednesday, he released a statement where he stated that he would like to return to work as early as possible.

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