Nicole, Keith show off pics of their new baby girl

Monday, January 31, 2011

MELBOURNE - Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban have shown off pictures of their new baby daughter, Faith Margaret, the first time.

Speaking at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles, the couple revealed details behind her name and the reason why they kept the surrogacy process a secret.

The singer says Margaret looks just like her mum Kidman.

“She just looks like her don’t you think?” the Daily Telegraph quoted him as telling reporters, showing a photo of the baby and Kidman on his iPhone.

Margaret was born five weeks ago via surrogate at a Nashville hospital. Urban and Kidman are the biological parents.

She got the name because the couple “had to have that (faith) through the whole pregnancy” and after Kidman’s grandmother Margaret.

Kidman said, “… people just call her Faith, but she’s actually Faith Margaret, that southern double name.

“Margaret is my grandmother’s name. She had her last baby at 49 so she’s my inspiration,” the actress said.

The glamour couple said keeping Faith Margaret a secret was the best thing to do. (ANI)

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