Price, Reid communicating only via text messages

Friday, January 28, 2011

LONDON - Former model Katie Price and her estranged husband Alex Reid are reportedly communicating only by text messages, despite living together.

“Kate and Alex really haven’t spoken for several weeks. They’re like total strangers,” quoted a source as saying.

“They are living in separate sections of the house although they are forced to share communal areas like the kitchen.

“It is not the way Kate wants it to be. If they have to live together then she’d rather things were amicable but Alex is behaving like a child and Kate just cannot get through to him.

“It’s a horrible situation, especially as Kate has the kids to think about. They’re confused as they don’t really know what is going on.”

After Katie released a statement blasting Alex’s obsession with fame, the 35-year-old moved out of the house but returned shortly afterwards.

“He wants to leave the house now. He is ready as he has finally realised things are over between him and Kate,” said the source.

“But he has no money and doesn’t want to go home to his parents. He is hoping to buy an apartment for himself but doesn’t really have a job so has no money coming in. He and Kate could be living with each other for a good while longer.”

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