Kate Moss turns on her raunchy side in new music video

Thursday, January 27, 2011

LONDON - Kate Moss has flashed her bra and pulled up her skirt in one of her raunchiest shoots to date.

The 37-year-old supermodel appears to be playing a hooker in the shoot, turned into a ‘pop video’, as she hitches up her skirt and pulls up her top to expose her bra in a car’s headlights, reports the Daily Mail.

Wearing white pants, a black Dolce And Gabbana top, a black Jean Paul Gaultier style bra, black and white polka dot Moschino skirt and red and white polka dot platform sandals, she then writhes against a wall.

Photographer Nick Knight shot the video for the December 2010 issue of Italian Vogue with the soundtrack provided by LA-based electro pop artist Evan Voytas’s song ‘Tomorrow Night We’ll Go Anywhere’.

The promo, called ‘Editing Kate’ and organised by SHOWstudio.com, will now be ‘remixed’ by various people with this first version edited by Paris-based filmmaker Jamie Harley.

“Few people are as iconic as Kate, and the opportunity to work on footage by Nick Knight made it impossible to resist. I wanted the result to be as obsessional as possible,” said Harley.

Moss has previously done her share of bumping and grinding in her pants in a promotional video for saucy underwear company Agent Provocateur and pole danced in the promo for ‘The White Stripes hit I Just Don’t Know What TO Do with Myself’. (ANI)

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