Salman Khan shown black flags at Jaipur marathon

Sunday, January 23, 2011

JAIPUR - Bollywood actor Salman Khan was shown black flags by the members of the Bishnoi community, when he arrived here on Sunday to inaugurate the Jaipur Marathon Race 2011.

The members of the Bishnoi community protested against Khan’s presence at the event as the actor was convicted for killing black bucks, an endangered species, in 2006.

The Bishnoi community activists also raised slogans against the Tourism Minister Bina Kak and assailed her sharing the same platform with one accused of being a killer of an endangered animal.

“The Chief Minister (Ashok Gehlot) should ask for a resignation from such minister (Bina Kak) because on one side the government claims to protect environment and on the other hand to hurt the emotions of environment lovers is welcoming an animal killer. A minister from the government is standing there with the actor welcoming him,” said a protesting Bishnoi.

The police personnel later had to baton charge the protestors to disperse the crowd.

It has been reported that the police later took around 15 members of the Bishnoi community into its custody.

Bishnois, who hail from Rajasthan, are devout protectors of the flora and fauna. (ANI)

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