Katie Price-Alex Reid prepare for final divorce meeting

Sunday, January 23, 2011

LONDON - Queen of Catwalk Katie Price and husband Alex Reid are apparently preparing for a final meeting this week as they finally set out the terms of their split.

Jordan is hopeful they can remain pals after they settle the “practicalities” of their break-up.

The model, who was last night dealing with the aftermath of the split at the posh Klosters resort in Switzerland, is willing to discuss how to proceed with their divorce as well as Alex’s access to Katie’s children Junior, Princess and Harvey.

The meeting could have taken much before if cagefighter Reid had not initially refused to speak to Price about splitting up.

Pals say Reid has finally accepted that the relationship is over for good and has agreed to meet Price, days after the 32-year-old issued a statement saying they are to divorce.

“At first Alex didn’t want to accept they were finished so he refused to talk about them splitting. He didn’t want to admit it was actually happening,” the Daily Star quoted a source close to the couple as saying.

“But now he’s realised there is no going back he is ready to discuss how to make the split work for both of them.

“Katie has always wanted to sit down and make the split an amicable one once Alex was ready to do it,” the source said.

Another source said: “Katie is adamant she wants to stay on good terms with Alex and the last thing she wants is arguments.

“Her main concern is the children and she knows an amicable split will be much easier for them to deal with.

“The last thing she wants is a public war of words like she’s had with Peter in the past. She wants things to be different this time.

“Now Alex has accepted they will divorce, it’s likely he’ll be easy to deal with because he’s a well-meaning man. He’s not as stubborn as Peter sometimes was.

“Hopefully the meeting will go ahead early this week when she returns,” the source added. (ANI)

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