Katie Price killed my cross-dressing alter ego Roxanne, says Alex Reid

Friday, January 21, 2011

LONDON - Alex Reid has apparently claimed that his wife Katie Price had “murdered” his cross-dressing alter ego Roxanne by exposing his transvestite secret.

The cage fighter reportedly said that he suffered emotional abuse after his estranged wife revealed his Roxanne secret and has vowed never to become her again.

Alex is said to have told family that he is mourning the “loss” of Roxanne. He also held a crisis meeting at his parents’ home in Aldershot, Hants.

“Roxanne is dead and it was Katie who heartlessly exposed her. She murdered her. She is evil and she will pay,” the Sun quoted Alex as telling a close friend.

Friends believe Alex, who is expected to fight for a big divorce payout, may need therapy to deal with the loss.

He says Katie made him dress as Roxanne at a book launch in October 2009 - exposing his secret.

Katie released a statement branding their marriage a “mistake”. But the friend of Alex said: “His upset has turned to anger.

“He’s been himself since day one, which is why he allowed Katie to see him as Roxanne.

“He realises that was as big a mistake as the marriage. She betrayed his trust and will do anything to finish him off. People close to Alex are worried about his state of mind,” the friend said. (ANI)

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