Alex Reid arrested by cops probing cocaine smuggling cartel

Thursday, January 20, 2011

LONDON - Katie Price’s husband Alex Reid is said to have been arrested in a dawn raid by cops probing a cartel who smuggled killer cocaine worth 2 million pounds.

Reid, 35, was at the time part owner of a yacht seized in the French port of Toulon with 62 kilos of the drug hidden in the hull.

French police arrested three men on board and, after a worldwide investigation, Reid was held at his home in Aldershot, Hants, in May 2006.

The cage fighter and two pals were suspected of travelling to the British Virgin Islands to buy the boat, but he was freed without charge after insisting in interviews he knew nothing about drug running.

The coke plot was smashed in July 2005 and a European arrest warrant issued for Reid ten months later.

He admitted he knew two of the drug gang, who had links to cage fighting, but said he’d only suggested opening a boat business with them.

Four Britons and three foreign criminals were eventually jailed for drugs running.

“One of his closest mates - a former Marine - went to prison. He later hanged himself in his cell, which hit Alex hard,” the Sun quoted an insider as saying. (ANI)

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