‘The Green Hornet’ tops weekend box-office

Monday, January 17, 2011

WASHINGTON - ‘The Green Hornet’ has taken the top spot to become the weekend box-office’s highest grossing movie.

Exhibitor Relations estimated that the movie, which made 34 million dollars, would have reached 40.5 million dollars over the weekend, and in the overseas box office it would have earned 56 million dollars.

“I really think they wanted a little bit more of out of it,” E! Online quoted Hollywood.com box-office analyst Paul Dergarabedian as saying.

“But it’s not a disappointment at all. I don’t know if anyone in January expects to release a film wide and get a summer opening number,” he stated.

Next on the list is Vince Vaughn’s and Kevin James’ ‘The Dilemma’, which made 17.4 million dollars, followed by last weekend’s highest grosser ‘True Grit’, which earned 11.2 million dollars.

The fourth place was taken by ‘The King’s Speech’, which made 9.1 million dollars, and in fifth place was ‘Black Swan’, which made 8.1 million dollars.

The top ten weekend box-office movies are:

1. The Green Hornet - 34 million dollars

2. The Dilemma - 17.4 million dollars

3. True Grit - 11.2 million dollars

4. The King’s Speech - 9.1 million dollars

5. Black Swan - 8.1 million dollars

6. Little Fockers - 7.1 million dollars

7. Tron: Legacy - 5.7 million dollars

8. Yogi Bear - 5.3 million dollars

9. The Fighter - 5.1 million dollars

10. Season of the Witch - 4.5 million dollars (ANI)

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