Anna Faris thinks Kiwi men are vulgar

Sunday, January 16, 2011

WELLINGTON - ‘Scary Movie’ star Anna Faris thinks that men in New Zealand are vulgar.

She complained of being sexually harassed by Kiwi men while in Auckland during the filming of ‘Yogi Bear’ in 2010.

Appearing on American television to promote the movie, the 34-year-old said Kiwi men had shouted obscenities at her in public and demanded she show them her breasts, reports the New Zealand Herald.

During the filming of Yogi Bear, she said Kiwi men yelled at her while she was walking in downtown Auckland.

“I’m walking home, I’ve got my backpack on, got my jeans on, and this carload of guys - they were like in their 40s, from what I could glimpse - they said, ‘f*** you, a***hole’,” she said in the TV interview.

“Three minutes later, a car full of older gentlemen said, ’show me your tits, you stupid b****’,” she added.

Meanwhile, Tourism NZ spokesman Ian Long said no one would take Faris seriously.

“In the same segment, she accepts an award for being a pothead stoner of the year and she’s quite clearly had a few. I don’t think she has any credibility,” he said.

Long’s attack on Faris has been echoed by New Zealanders as some of them blame Faris for the abuse. (ANI)

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