Monroe to be back on big screen?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

LONDON - Marilyn Monroe looks set to make a screen comeback from beyond the grave after the rights to her image were taken up by a branding expert.

Jamie Salter plans to use high-tech imaging technology to revive the tragic actress on the big screen after purchasing her “name and likeness” in a multi-million pound deal last week, reports

Salter bought the rights from Anna Strasberg, whose late husband, actor Lee Strasberg, was Monroe’s acting teacher and beneficiary of her will. The exact sum he paid has not been disclosed.

Salter, who also manages Bob Marley’s image through his firm, is convinced he can make the “Some Like It Hot” star more popular than ever.

“Why does Lindsay Lohan aspire to be Marilyn Monroe? Why does Lady Gaga aspire to be Marilyn Monroe? The reason is that she is an iconic personality, she has great style, she is just simply elegant. She stands for glamour, and sex appeal, and remember this, she proves that size doesn’t matter. She is voluptuous, a real woman,” said Salter.

“The younger generation will fall in love with her the way we fell in love,” he added.

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