Punjab’s music and cuisine popular worldwide: Panjabi MC

Thursday, December 30, 2010

NEW DELHI - British-Indian musician Panjabi MC, original name Rajinder Singh Rai who made it big in Britain with his energetic bhangra beats, says Punjab’s cuisine and music have fans across the globe.

“Punjabi music has a different hold on the music lovers and same is the case with the food from the region. Elements of Punjab really impress people worldwide.

“The beats, the power, the mode of communication that Punjabi music provides are immensely impactful. The words may sound unfamiliar to many, but the foot tapping music is unbelievable,” Panjabi MC told IANS.

“Even though people in the West find it hard to connect with words, they groove into the music and sway on the pepped up beats,” he added.

The 40-year-old singer made his presence felt in Bollywood with his compositions in popular numbers like “Mundian to bach ke” in “Boom” and “I got the poison” for Mallika Sherawat starrer “Hisss”.

Any plans to shift base to Bollywood?

“I do songs for Bollywood when I am offered something out of the box. But no plans of moving to Bollywood. But I am open to offer to compose music. I have recorded three songs in the past. If I am offered a good project, I will happily accept it. Bollywood provides another dimension to grow,” he said.

Panjabi MC is enthusiastic about his latest album “The Raj” and describes it as his best work.

“I really think it’s my best work. It’s smooth and people might take time to absorb it but the dance tracks are ground breaking. I think people who like my sound, will like ‘The Raj’ also.”

What is his USP that sets him apart from other musicians?

“I give my twist with conviction and they (listeners) like it. The quality works. Just like nose for the news is needed in journalism, taste for music is important for music-makers. I always make my tracks for desi crowd and it works well for me,” he said.

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