Guess who all made it to 2010’s fashion faux pas list?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

LONDON - Most of them are looked up to as idols for their out-of-the-box dressing styles, but guess the streak of experimenting went a tad further with some international celebrities who wore everything but elegance in 2010.

Talk of faux pas and one couldn’t forget the invincible queen of disaster - Lady Gaga, who wore a meat frock at the MTV awards. If that wasn’t it, she became a fright in white at another award ceremony. has drawn up an interesting list of fashion faux pas:

The tension on the tennis court took an airy turn with a wardrobe malfunction at the French Open that exposed Venus William’s skin-tone shorts revealing much more than she had thought of, as the black lace outfit she designed rode up.

Pop diva Madonna too was hardly in vogue as she shocked her fans by sporting checked harem trousers, biker jacket and boots. American singer Gwen Stefani’s fashion sense went for a toss when she shrouded in a shapeless black outfit - it was more startling because she is a designer herself.

Singer Rihanna got into the superhero mode with a green batwinged jumpsuit, designed by Alexandre Vauthier. A throwback to 1982, the suit perhaps should actually have been thrown back.

Skin show is not a big deal for celebs in the west. And it seems 49-year-old Susan Boyle is desperate to join the gang - the “Britain’s Got Talent” star revealed a little more leg than she probably intended in a short floral skirt.

Singer Cheryl Cole brought back the memories of late pop legend Michael Jackson by getting into a military uniform and leotard combo but at an aerobics class.

Actress-singer Gwyneth Paltrow perhaps was looking for some air bath as she donned a dress that looked as if it had been held together with only strings to be precise.

“Pirates of the Caribbean” star Keira Knightley, who was rated as the second highest paid actress in 2008 by Forbes, seems to be spending less on her wardrobe. She dressed down in what looked like a tablecloth for a movie premiere.

When former “Friends” beauty Jennifer Aniston made an appearance wrapped around an orange-pink Christian Lacroix at the premiere of her movie “Bounty Hunter”, it looked like a birthday ribbon frill.

And if you thought you only had the fair sex making errors when it came to dressing, hold on, there’s British comedian Russell Brand to accompany them all. He was clicked tattered trouser and Henti T-shirt with hight boots. After all he has not been voted as Hollywood’s worst-dressed man of 2010 for nothing.

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