When Pitt and Depp looked far from the heartthrobs they are today

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

LONDON - Today they demand millions for every film they act in, but there was a time before Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp were popular.

The two heartthrobs, in their early 20s, appeared together in a 1988 episode of the US TV series ‘21 Jump Street’, reports the Daily Mail.

But they looked far from the heartthrobs they are today, with Depp appearing rather ordinary, and Brad modelling a very 80s haircut.

Depp, now 47, was the star of the hit show about young cops who work undercover in high schools and colleges. And Pitt - who turned 47 on December 18 - was an up-and-coming actor who had a small role.

The experience must have made an impact on Pitt because 22 years later he promised his girlfriend Angelina Jolie that she ‘was going to like’ Depp, her co-star in ‘Tourist’.

Jolie told Ryan Seacrest on his KISS FM breakfast radio show that she had never met Depp before working with him on their latest film.

“Brad and Johnny had worked together years ago so he said ‘He’s a nice guy. You’re going to like him’,” she said. (ANI)

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