‘Diet in a box’ delivered to your door-the latest slimming fad in UK

Monday, December 13, 2010

LONDON - Want to lose some weight to get in shape this holiday season? Well, you might just go for Jenny Craig’s ‘diet in a box’ meals that are delivered at the doorstep for a month at a time.

Jenny and Sidney Craig founded the idea in 1983 in Australia. It has been available in America, Canada and Australia for years and now it seems to be gaining popularity in the UK, reports the Sun.

For 9.90 pounds per day, your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are delivered to your door.

Additionally, one can gets a weekly phone chat opportunity with a trained weight management coach who helps work out suitable ways of building fitness and physical activity into your life.

Things available for are porridge, breakfast beans, whole-wheat cereal with fruits and nuts and muesli with raisins and almonds.

However, lunches include dishes such as spicy oriental noodles, Moroccan couscous, basmati rice with mushrooms and peppers and chorizo bean soup.

Typical dinners comprise chunky beef goulash with potatoes, lamb hot pot, mushroom stroganoff and creamy chicken fricassee plus pasta Bolognese.

The food delivered tastes a bit like canned food as it has been cooked and heat-treated to make it safe to keep at room temperature.

Pam Bearman, 43-year-old mum of three who tried the Jenny Craig Diet for one month, said, “Having the box delivered to my home meant I didn’t have to go to the supermarket armed with a list of low-calorie foods.”

However, she added that it was tedious just sticking a minuscule sachet in the microwave every night. (ANI)

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