How to minimize stress this holiday season

Sunday, December 12, 2010

WASHINGTON - Holidays are indeed a time to have unlimited fun, but they do bring a lot of stress, as people forget themselves while enjoying the festive period.

Hence, here are the keys to enjoy this holiday season:

1. Manage your expectations: With so much going on, particularly with other people, this may not be the best time to expect perfection. Don’t set yourself up for undue stress by hosting parties for dozens of people, complete with a gourmet menu and stunning decor. Starting with modest and achievable expectations increases the likelihood that you will avoid disappointment.

2. Add a good night’s sleep to your ‘to-do list’: Don’t deprive yourself of sleep to get more done. Sleep deprivation is a major mood killer-consider scaling back your to-do list and get some rest.

. Avoid “crashing”: The holidays are filled with foods that initially boost our mood and then produce longer-term sugar crashes, sluggishness, and bloating. Eat healthy meals throughout the holidays and snack on healthier options such as fruits and vegetables before a party so that you are less likely to fill up on junk food and sweets.

4. Know your limits: We all know the holidays can be a prime time for the airing of family issues and grievances. If visiting a particular relative ruins the holidays for you, devise a new plan that limits your exposure to that person or situation. It’s better to exercise good self-care over the holidays than to agree to plans that will result in a tense atmosphere and hurt feelings.

5. Make time for you: People often forget to prioritise themselves throughout the year and it gets even worse over the holidays. Take some time just for yourself.

6. Still tossing and turning all night?: If you find yourself lying in bed with visions of budgets, menus and obligations running through your head - get out of bed. Leave your room to find something that relaxes you and return to bed when you are sleepy. (ANI)

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