Ann Ward More Confident Now

By Tias, Gaea News Network
Friday, December 3, 2010

LOS ANGELES ( America’s Next Top Model winner Ann Ward spoke to the media after her win in ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and it looked like the model has grown in confidence and charm after winning the coveted title. She said that she was extremely insecure about being on the show as she had just come out of high-school and undergone all the teenage drama. She revealed that she had been bullied and often picked on because of her body type.

The 19-year-old 6′2″ wafer thin model also spoke about her future plans and said that she would like to work with the likes of Alexander McQueen and Betsey Johnson. She also said that she shared a good relation with the rest of the contestants on the show and they still keep in touch. She explained that unlike other years, this year there were no cliques formed in the season, which kept the reality drama limited. About her personal style, Ann Ward revealed that it had changed over the course of the season. She said that she had a more goth look before where she wore loose-fitting clothes. She said that the show made her wear more body-hugging clothes that flattered her figure.

About the various challenges that Ann Ward faced on the show, she said that the ‘fallen angel’ challenge, where the models were asked to pose on top of the male models wearing angel wings, was one of her favorites. The cycle 15 winner of ‘America’s Next Top Model’ said that she is also interested in voice acting and would want to work in video games and movies.

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