5 keys to a perfect honeymoon

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

WASHINGTON - The amount of effort that goes into planning a wedding is astonishing. But in the course of planning the wedding, another important event can get overshadowed - your honeymoon.

Your honeymoon needs to be perfect. So good planning is required to help you have that post-wedding trip of a lifetime, reports ABC News.

Here are 5 keys to a perfect honeymoon:. Time: If the idea of packing up your suitcase immediately after the wedding doesn’t appeal to you, consider travelling a few months after the wedding.

If you plan to take an immediate honeymoon, make sure to take your vacation days from work into consideration and check with the human resources department at your workplace to see how many days you have accrued.

2. Regional possibilities: If taking an extended honeymoon of a week or longer doesn’t quite fit into your respective work schedules, consider a ‘mini-moon’, which packs all the romance and excitement of a honeymoon into a three or four day period.

3. Budget: It is not fun to hash out the money aspect of a honeymoon. Don’t underestimate how important designating a honeymoon budget is and be sure to allocate your honeymoon expenses as soon as possible.

Remember that the amount you set aside directly affects where you go, the length of your stay, and your schedule of activities. Take the time to compare airfare, hotel, rental cars, and activity rates when booking a honeymoon.

4, Get your guests involved: If you are scrambling to save for the honeymoon, consider creating a registry for honeymoon funds in lieu of a traditional wedding gift.

After the honeymoon, consider mailing out thank-you cards featuring a picture of the two of you on your fabulous vacation as a sweet gesture your guests will appreciate.

5. The experience: Keeping your mutual preferences as a priority, whether the emphasis is fine dining, museum hopping or wilderness exploring, will help you plan the perfect honeymoon. (ANI)

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