Yana Gupta Not Ashamed Over Pantyless Pics

By Tias, Gaea News Network
Saturday, November 27, 2010

MUMBAI, INDIA (GaeaTimes.com)- Indian model Yana Gupta seems to have got back the popularity that she enjoyed years ago as an item girl with the latest photos of her sans underwear becoming a rage on the web. The incident sparked off a huge scandal on the web with various websites offering some seriously revealing photos of the star at the event. Yana Gupta on the other hand seemed unperturbed by all the media attention that her wardrobe malfunction got. She has laughed off the matter casually and joked that earlier she used to be known as the item girl but now she will be known as the ‘no-panty’ girl.

Yana Gupta has also joked that after the incident of the photos circulating on the web, she might even get to endorse an underwear company where her tagline would be ‘I’ve got them NOW’. Yana Gupta has also offered an explanation for her lack of underwear to the media. She said that she is presently practicing for a dance show on TV where she needs to perform some high-action dance moves. She felt uncomfortable as her panty got stuck in her bottom and she had to adjust them after each such step. She explained that being followed by the camera during her rehearsal she felt very awkward adjusting her innerwear.

To avoid the problem faced during the rehearsal for the dance show, Yana Gupta said that she decided to do away with panties. Yana Gupta also joked that the people should not view the ‘panty-less‘ photos too much as it might give a heart attack.

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