Telugu Orange Movie Review

By Mayuri, Gaea News Network
Friday, November 26, 2010

CHENNAI, INDIA ( — The much awaited Telegu movie Orange has hit the screens today. Surely people are waiting eagerly to catch the review of this flick directed by Bhaskar. Audiences are waiting to know how the chemistry between ‘Magadheera’ actor Ram Charan and Genelia sets the screen on fire. It is a simple love story that delves deep into the life of a boy and a girl totally opposite in character.

Though the plot of the story sounds the same old but Bhaskar has managed to add a bang to the love story so that people remain glued tom it. The story revolves around Ram (Ram Charan) who is a fun loving guy and is obsessed with his belief that he can make any girl to fall in love with her. On the contrary there is Jaanu who is a highly spirited girl desperately in search of true love. Destiny brings together and as usual love blossoms between them. The hero’s idealogy clashes with that of the actress when Ram reveals his disbelief in commitment in a relationship. This brings the climax of the story and how their love story ends.

Orange movie starrer Ram Charan is fabulous in the movie. his style and acting is really commendable. Genelia enlivens the mood with her bubbly attitude. Overall the music by Harris Jairaj is good enough to soothe your ears. I can say the movie Orange can be a good entertaining flick to watch on this weekend. Go and hit the theaters right now.

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