Bristol Palin talks about abstinence and safe sex in teen pregnancy ad

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WASHINGTON - Bristol Palin has teamed up with fellow ‘Dancing With The Stars’ contestant Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino for a public service announcement about teen pregnancy.

In the Candie’s Foundation PSA, Palin and ‘The Situation’ talk about abstinence and safe sex in a less than two-minute video ad.

“It’s the prevention of teen pregnancy and it will be funny,” The Politico quoted Palin as saying.

“Just ’cause he will kind of bring humor to the situation … to the problem, and uh, I can’t say that word anymore without laughing,” she added.

According to the single mother, the PSA is going to open the dialogue between parents and teens about the issue.

The ad opens with ‘The Situation’ initially approaching Bristol, before realizing it’s his ‘DWTS’ co-star.

“Have you ever had a situation with the official Situation,” ‘The Situation’ asks.

After Palin explains that she doesn’t plan on getting into any ’situations’, the finest of the ‘Jersey Shore’ says, “You’re not going to hook up before you’re married? For real?”

“For real, for real, for real,” she insists before kicking off a discussion about staying safe when having sex.

‘The Situation’ says that he respects abstinence, because “it has the word ‘abs’ in it,” but doesn’t plan on practicing it. (ANI)

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