Obama sticks to Ivy League power dressing in India

Monday, November 8, 2010

NEW DELHI - US President Barack Obama wears his Ivy League badge on his shirt sleeves and business suits. And it has been no different during his ongoing India trip.

He sports a personal style that is youthful, intelligent and fashionable at the same time, says American men’s fashion monitor askmen.com.

In the US, it is believed that Obama has taught men how to wear a suit again. Since Nov 6, when the president landed in India, his clothes and attitude are widely perceived as reflecting an astute blend of balance, understated power and casual style.

Obama, who first went to Mumbai and then came to New Delhi, has chosen nothing fancy both for day and night wear beyond the sedate black business suit offset with a white shirt, a tie and leather Oxfords, which has been seeing a resurgence in the West.

The conservatism of the ensemble was in keeping with the tradition of his Harvard University background. The president studied law there. Harvard men are known for their smart power suits that combine slim silhouettes, straight lines and slim fits, says its website.

Every year for the past 16 years, the university, known to have thrown up some of the best brains across the world, has been hosting an annual fashion fund-raiser, Eleganza, that seeks to redefine beauty on and off the ramp involving students across colour and racial divides on the campus.

Obama’s attitude screams business in the subcontinent, says a fashion pundit who did not wish to be named.

The Esquire’s style blog says the president is gradually learning to accept his gray hair.

Obama had incidentally begun his presidential campaign in a Ermenegildo Zegna suit.

The president also breaks protocol for informal wear on holidays.

According to askmen.com, Barack Obama has become an American icon and transcended politics by adhering to an old way of dressing. He believes in dressing for the job, the fashion watchdog says.

He has taught men in the US how to wear suits again. The clean lines and the drape of his jacket never appears ill-fitting or bulky. The trouser cuff breaks across his cap-toe Oxfords just enough to perfectly end the slim silhouette that begins with the soft- shouldered jackets, the style monitor says.

The sleek business style of power dressing has been evident all the way during his India trip that ends Tuesday.

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