Oz farmers create mango in Kylie Minogue’s honour

Thursday, October 28, 2010

NEW YORK - Kylie Minogue may soon have a new variety of mango named after her.

The Northern Territory News reported that mango growers in Australia want to name a new variety of the juicy fruit after the pop princess.

The Kylie is one of three new mango varieties being trialed by the Northern Territory’s Primary Industry Department and it took researchers 16 years of work under the National Mango Breeding Program to come up with the new varieties.

Politician Kon Vatskalis was lobbying the partners involved to name one of the varieties after actor-turned-singer Kylie Minogue.

“I think Kylie should be so lucky to have this mango variety named after her,” the New York Post quoted Vatskalis as saying.

“She is the princess of pop, and just like royalty, it would be fitting to have a Territory icon named after her. I am even going to send Ms. Minogue a batch … to get her to be one of the first in Australia to trial this new variety,” he added.

The scientists worked to improve the attractiveness of the three varieties by enhancing the skin’s blush. The new varieties also have longer harvest periods. (ANI)

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