Designer Soni showcases ‘cocktail’ collection at Delhi’s Wills Fashion Week

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NEW DELHI - Fashion designer Ashish N. Soni showcased his latest collection of cocktail dresses and oversized poplin cotton shirts for women at the Wills Fashion Week in New Delhi on Monday.

The theme of the show was Lo Fi, which comes from a thought of avoiding extravagance and overkill.

Male models also walked the ramp showcasing tailored suits for formal evenings.

Some garments used 3D (3-Dimensional) panels on yoke dresses and also the maple leaf motifs on clothes and the colour palette for the collection were black and white.

“The idea was to do what I do perhaps best, which is to keep things simple and going further from there concept, was of course the lack of colour rather than colour itself. Again black and white being my signature, its slightly easier for me to handle,” said Soni.

“So, once we figured that out after that it was just about implementing the sensibility, which is where the textures and so that is why to answer this precisely it wasn’t things that tied in like that. Its things that I liked and I knew would work together. They didn’t have to emerge out of one big inspiration,” he added.

Even though, the colours opposed the expected shades of spring/summer in fashion week, the bright hues came through in the accessories.

Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week, one of the largest fashion trade events in Asia, will showcase its Spring/Summer collection of 2011 edition till October 27 in the ongoing extravaganza.

With an exciting collection of impeccable lounges, salons, exotic onsite restaurants and novel exhibitions the Fashion Week is held at the Pragati Maidan, the international trade fair complex in New Delhi.

Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) claims this event to be the biggest ever fashion bash with 115 designers taking part this year. (ANI)

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