“Dexter” Season 5 Episode 5 Appreciated By Viewers

By Madhusmita, Gaea News Network
Monday, October 25, 2010

LOS ANGELS (GaeaTimes.com)- The highly anticipated episode of “Dexter” season 5 episode 5 was aired on Showtime last night. This week’s episode had an interesting opening as Dexter is forced to take decisions against his unwanted conspirator. Last Night’s episode was subtitled as “First Blood” and it was directed by Romeo Tirone. The exciting episode was written by Tim Schlattmann. The various twists and turns of the series kept the audience riveted to their seats and they also loved the performance of their favorite actors.

“Dexter” season 5 episode 5 saw the investigator Quinn hiring someone else to investigate about Dexter’s identity. In one side it can be good for Dexter in the long run as investigator Quinn is out of the duty. However, he still feels that Dexter has some role to play in Rita’s death. On the other hand Debra is forced to work in the Santa Muerte case by herself as Quinn is suspended from his job. One of the interesting and intense part of the episode was when Dexter investigates a house of one of Boyd’s associates and he is seen searching around the house to get some clues. After searching a lot he finds an envelope with a shed of blood. He returns home with the envelope to investigate the blood stains he found.

“Dexter” season 5 episode 5 also saw Dexter a bit disturbed as he realizes that Rita’s death has affected Dexter negatively. However, in this episode Lumen says good bye to Dexter. The next episode is subtitled as “Everything Is Illumenated” where many mysteries will be solved and new questions will haunt the audience. Michael C. Hall managed to live up to the expectation of the audience while playing the complex role of Dexter.

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