Hilary Duff’s tooth ‘fell out’ just hours before wedding

Saturday, October 23, 2010

NEW YORK - Hillary Duff has revealed that her tooth fell into her hand just hours before her wedding to hockey player Mike Comrie.

According to People.com, the actress opened up about her dental disaster in an interview with Ellen Degerneres.

“My tooth fell out in my hand. Thank God I didn’t swallow it. Not good. Not good for a bride on a wedding day,” the New York Daily News quoted her as telling Ellen, as she laughed.

The 23-year-old singer and actress tied the knot with pro Canadian hockey player Comrie.

“I bit into a bagel. I was sitting on the bed with my mom and my sister and they’re like, ‘you’re an idiot you did not. Come on,’” she laughed.

‘Stay Cool’ star said that luckily, her wedding planner had a connection that saved the day just a couple of hours before she had to walk down the aisle.

“This is random, my amazing wedding planner Mindy Weiss … Mindy’s sister’s husband’s best friend is a top dentist in Montecito and she called him up,” Duff explained.

After the dental fiasco, Duff says that the Santa Barbara wedding in front of 100 guests went as planned. (ANI)

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